2021 - Fall Season ball battle


Fall Competition-4
Fall Competition-14
Fall Competition-12

To equip our team well with basic knowledge  in our program, we have decided to hold a series of competitions between two sub-teams. Both teams have received a mini-bot. This mini-bot is essentially a small robot chassis, with motors, and a basic electronics system. All the programming, attachments, and modifications were up to the sub-team to figure out. By putting both sub-teams through a mini-competition, new members will learn new skills and will get a small sample of what a competition would look like during a normal season. Returning members are able to use this pre-season to sharpen their skills and teach new members their skills, depending on the guild.

To continue facilitating a space with innovative thinking in a competition setting, our mentors and student leaders created a 2021 Water Game for our team to compete in against each other and another local team. Each team must build a boat and navigate through swimmers, rescue a family from their burning boat, and put out the fire. Additionally, they may retrieve a mermaid to bring to her cave and dive for sunken treasure.