Team History

“In the beginning….” Our humble beginning started in 2008 when our lead mentor started our first FLL team on the floor of his living room with eight kids from Valley Christian School (VCS) in Cerritos, CA and area homeschool students. After seeing the impact that FIRST had on these young students, he was hooked!  In 2010, he brought FLL and the message of FIRST to VC students and from there the VCS Robotics program was born.

Once the initial FLL team members advanced to high school in 2012, we were driven to introduce FRC to the High School (VCHS). There were many hurdles to overcome; classroom space, financial support, a lack of team members and mentors, etc… as a result, for the first two years we partnered with St. John Bosco and St. Joseph to create Team 4123, the BOMBots during our rookie year. However, in 2014 we had an answer to our prayers; we gained the school’s assistance, student interest tripled and so did our mentor base which allowed us to create our own team, the EPIC Robotz-Team 4415.  It’s been an EPIC journey ever since!

In 2014, EPIC Robotz consisted of 49 students and 11 mentors. We were excited about teaching so many about FIRST, but we failed to have enough mentors and student retention was difficult. Between 2015 and 2016, our numbers continued to increase and our amount of female participants tripled, but we still lacked mentors and motivated students, so we restructured the organization into what it is today. As of spring 2022 we have 38 students, 7 full time mentors, and 6 part-time mentors.