feb 26, 2020

/ Team Showcase

We sent a team to our elementary school to give a presentation to the students and a girl scout troop about all the amazing things we get to do. The group that went included at least one team member from each area of our team so the kids could see the diversity of FRC. There was a time for Q & A, and all of the students were invited to attend our upcoming competitions. We always love these opportunities to inspire students in STEM.

/ Cerritos Library Demonstration

feb 7, 2020


Our Robot Demonstration Night at the Cerritos Library was a blast! We led a demonstration along with an FTC team from Whitney High School. The kids we had the opportunity to talk with loved watching our competition robots run. We brought our little Vex robots for kids to drive giving them the ability to learn in a hands-on manner.

Photos coming soon.

jan 4-5, 2020

/ Build Season Kickoff

The first weekend of January is our competition season kick-off every year. FIRST puts out videos outlining what the new season's game is, and everyone works to get our team ready for the competition. Our robot must be fully functioning for our first competition with enough time for our drivers to practice driving it. Along with the robot, we write submissions for awards that can be won at each competition. 

Photos coming soon.

boot camp

Our Boot Camp is when all of our new students learn about each guild and how to safely operate the tools and machines in our machine shop. During these days, students are put into groups, and they rotate around in each guild. The guild leaders and mentors explain their part of the team and why a student may or may not want to be on that part of the team. 

april 18-20

/ FRC Nationals

We went to Houston as a Wild Card pick and the captains of a 2nd place alliance. Our team was placed into the Newton Division, and we were asked to join the Fourth seed alliance. Unfortunately we lost during Quarterfinals, but the entire experience was a fun way for our team to learn and grow. Our desire to return has increased, and we hope to go to Nationals once again.

march 20-23

/ LA Regional

For our final regional we went to the LA regional which was at the LA Convention Center. Our team was ranked 3rd and ended up as the 2nd place alliance captain-- that was a first for our team. In the Finals, we won the first match and had to replay the second match. The replay ended in a tie, so we played another match and lost. In the final match of the Finals, we lost again and didn't win the regional. We made it to Nationals in Houston on a Wild Card.

feb 28-march 3, 2019

/ Del Mar Regional

The Del Mar Regional took place in Week One, and we did very well. Our team reached rank 3, and our alliance made it to the finals. Unfortunately, we were defeated in a tiebreaker match in the finals. We were awarded the Gracious Professionalism Award, the runner up Safety Award, during the awards ceremony, and we were the second place alliance.

Photos coming soon.

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