Water Game Competition

Although FIRST has organized activities and opportunities for students to be working and creating, we had a successful fall season and have decided to create our own game to play in for our competition season. This game is a water game that involves shooting water, dropping off mermaids, picking up rings from the pool floor, and rescuing a family from their burning boat. To ensure the safety of our students, we broke our own team into three smaller teams that will be competing against each other and meeting at separate times. 

The competition date is scheduled for 3/27/2021.


Fall Bootcamp is a two-week training course where new students who are interested in joining robotics. During Fall Bootcamp, the students try and expirience all the different aspects of robotics. 


During Fall Preseason, each aspect of team EPIC prepares for the competition season. Each guild also works on different projects that may prove useful during competition.


Competition Season is a six-week time frame, in which our robotics team needs to design, build, and program a robot to do specific tasks, according to each years theme. We then compete and form alliences with other FRC teams.