VCHS Open House

EPIC Robotz will be participating in the open house, which Valley Christian High School is hosting. During the event, families will be toured around the campus by a school administrator. We'll have our hall open to incoming families, interested in taking a brief journey around our robotics facility. The current day is going to be a normal work day for the robotics students, allowing the spectators to get a taste of what an average Saturday at our robotics program would look like. Anyone interested in taking a look at our program is free to stop by and take a look!

The competition date is scheduled for 10/30/2021.

Shoot Out at the Ol' Corral

This will be the second game in the our pre-season Intramural Competition. Different sub-teams will be tasked with completing a variety of tasks within a set time frame. This specific competition will be used as a practice competition, for our sub-teams to get comfortable in that specific setting. 

The competition date is scheduled for 10/30/2021.

Intramural Competition 2021

In order to prepare well for the upcoming competition season, we are splitting our one large team into two teams led by our team captain, Caleb, and our team co-captain, Isabella. These sub-teams will design a robot mounted with a ball shooter, used to complete various tasks. A majority of the tasks have to do with shooter accuracy. By splitting into two teams, more students have the chance to work hands-on with the robot and new students will have an easier time integrating themselves into the team.

The competition date is scheduled for 11/13/2021.

Competition Season Kick-Off

With the conclusion of our pre-season, the team is ready to begin our competition season after a month-and-a-half break between the two seasons. The team will review the information, provided by FRC, about the competition. Once provided with the necessary information, our team gets straight to work and begins to plan out the exciting weeks before competition!

The competition date is scheduled for 1/08/2022.


Fall Bootcamp is a two-week training course where new students who are interested in joining robotics. During Fall Bootcamp, the students try and expirience all the different aspects of robotics. 


During Fall Preseason, each aspect of team EPIC prepares for the competition season. Each guild also works on different projects that may prove useful during competition.


Competition Season is a six-week time frame, in which our robotics team needs to design, build, and program a robot to do specific tasks, according to each years theme. We then compete and form alliences with other FRC teams.