Safety First


As part of our commitment to our team and the FIRST community, we at EPIC Robotz pledge to create safe habits and educate others through leading by example.

Safety Videos

To promote safety and spread it in a fun way, we have a lineup of safety videos beginning with a general safety video. Join our Safety Captain, Justine, who talks about how to be safe in all situations. There are more videos to come, so be sure to stay updated, and be sure to like them and subscribe to our channel!

Competition safety

Taking part in any competition can be stressful and very busy, but it is important to keep safety in mind so that the event can run smoothly. Our safety trio talks to every safety captain about how to stay safe in the rush of a competition, and you can be sure that one of them will always be in our pit to answer questions and run our safety game.

Safety Training

Safety training begins in our pre-season Boot Camp. Each new student learns the specific safety around each tool as they take part in Boot Camp. As the season progresses, our safety presentation is presented to the students, and the quiz is administered. This year, we were visited by the C Shift at Cerritos Fire Station 30 to make sure our work areas have remained safe.

Safety Links

Tool Safety Data Sheets

Our Tool Safety Data Sheets aim to educate members and the FRC community about proper tool usage.

MSDS Information Sheets

Here are a couple of samples of our MSDS information sheets. Each sheet is specific to the safety of the material.

Safety Quiz

Our safety quiz is updated yearly and is used to test each student on safety basics.