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Welcome to EPIC Robotz, FRC team 4415! We are a high school robotics team based out of Valley Christian High School in Cerritos, CA. Watch the video above to learn more about us!

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Fleet Week

Our team demonstrated our robot along with other local FRC teams during the Port of Los Angeles' Fleet Week.

End of Season Banquet

We brought our season to a close with a banquet, during which we demonstrated our robot, recapped our season, and awarded Varsity letters to students.

FIRST Championship

Our team competed against over 450 of the world's best teams in the FIRST Championship in Houston, TX. We were ranked #14 in the Galileo division, a part of the #3 alliance, and were eliminated in the quarterfinals of the division.

Las Vegas

FRC Regional

Our team played our third FRC regional in Las Vegas, NV. We were ranked #3 overall, a part of the #1 alliance, and won our second regional of the season!

Arizona Valley

FRC Regional

Our team played our second FRC regional in Scottsdale, AZ. We went undefeated during the entire competition, were ranked 1st overall, and won our first regional in team history!

Port Hueneme 

FRC Regional

Our team played our first FRC regional in Port Hueneme, CA. We were ranked 4th overall in the competition and made it to the semifinals of the playoffs.