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2022 Innovation and Engineering Award,
2023 Creativity Award, & 2022-2023 Design Award Winner

About Us

About Us

Team 4415, founded in 2013, EPIC Robotz is located at Valley Christian High School in Cerritos, CA. Our robotics team equips high school students with STEM skills and tools. Students dedicate their time to learning how to operate machinery, communicate with businesses, design complex robotic models, and more. 


We make our program available to students by offering a free two-week boot-camp in the fall where we rotate groups of students through different guilds to introduce them to all aspects of the program.

Our robots compete regionally and internationally through FIRST® to complete tasks such as climbing, shooting balls, and utilizing fine motor skills. Our team builds these robots from scratch within a six-week period to compete and potentially win awards.

2023 Team Photo.jpg

EPIC Robotz, Team 4415, Team Photo for the 2023 FIRST® Robotics Season

Current Events for Team 4415

EPIC Robotz is starting their 2023 robotics fall season through FIRST. During the next few weeks, we will be working towards a variety of miniature projects as a team.


Our team uses these projects to teach new students the basics, and help veterans refine their skills. We hope that by honing our skills, we will be able to to win at the championship this upcoming season. The projects we are currently working on are: building and programming a new robot, building smaller robots to collect and shoot disks, replacing motors, testing new materials, and creating a brand new drive station for our robot controls.

We hope you follow us on social media to get the latest updates and cheer us on this season!

Upcoming Events

2023 Epic Robotz Events

Coming Soon Neon Light
Tidal Tumble Event
(Ventura, CA

October 20-22


Coming Soon Neon Light
Beach Blitz
(Capistrano Valley HS)

November 3-5


Coming Soon Neon Light
In-N-Out Fundraiser Open House
(Valley Christian HS

November 13


Coming Soon Neon Light
coming soon



* For additional information about the event, click on the image above
Current Projects

Fall Season Projects 2023

This fall, our team is working in groups on many different projects. These projects are a fun way to learn new skills and develop existing skills in preparation for the 2024 FIRST robotics competition season in January.

Fall Season Projects 2022

Last fall, our team worked in seven groups on various projects. These projects were a fun way to learn new skills and further develop old skills in preparation for the 2023 FIRST robotics competition season that started in January.

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