Our Wish List

In addition to lowering costs for students to participate with the robotics team and reducing the cost of travel to competitions.  Our team is continuously maintaining, updating and purchasing equipment for our students.  

EPIC 4415 robotics team is at Valley Christian High School.  Since our team is not associated with a public high school, and we are a team open to Christian members we are limited to our funding and rely heavily on the generosity of our donors. 

Should you decide to sponsor us, below is our wish list that your donation will help our team work towards.  ​​


CNC Upgrades for THOR

- THOR CNC 4th and 5th Axis upgrades (Approximate cost $3K)

- THOR touch probe (Approximate cost $2K) 

- THOR ATC (Approximate cost $5K)


STEM Demo Trailer Van

Our team is looking for funds to build a mobile STEM lab to work with youth in the community and beyond


Business Needs

- HD Filming equipment

- Boom mike

- Audio equipment to connect to Boom Mike

- CRM Database 

- Computers (laptop upgrades)

Machine Updates 

- Laser Cutter Exhaust Refit ($2K)


New CNC Router 

- Updated CNC Router ($15K)


New Band Saw

- Band Saw - ($5K)


3D Printer 

- Carbon Fiber 3D Printer to print parts


Bus Barn SHGU Vince 

We are currently gathering additional information regarding this need


Water Jet Saw

- Water Jet.  We are currently gathering additional information regarding this need