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2023 - Charged Up


In the 2023 FRC season Charged Up, our team was required to consistently collect cones and cubes to accurately place them at different heights. The mission required fast speeds, consistency, and precision throughout the season. At the end of the match, our team balances our robot on a platform for extra points. 

2022 - Rapid React


In the 2022 FRC game Rapid React, teams are tasked with shooting cargo balls into a lower and upper target hub. Then, they must traverse the several rungs of their hanger, which increase in height, before time runs out.

2022 Season
2021 Fall Season

2021 - Fall Season ball battle


Fall Competition-4
Fall Competition-14
Fall Competition-12

To equip our team well with basic knowledge  in our program, we have decided to hold a series of competitions between two sub-teams. Both teams have received a mini-bot. This mini-bot is essentially a small robot chassis, with motors, and a basic electronics system. All the programming, attachments, and modifications were up to the sub-team to figure out. By putting both sub-teams through a mini-competition, new members will learn new skills and will get a small sample of what a competition would look like during a normal season. Returning members are able to use this pre-season to sharpen their skills and teach new members their skills, depending on the guild.

2021 Water Game


To continue facilitating a space with innovative thinking in a competition setting, our mentors and student leaders created a 2021 Water Game for our team to compete in against each other and another local team. Each team must build a boat and navigate through swimmers, rescue a family from their burning boat, and put out the fire. Additionally, they may retrieve a mermaid to bring to her cave and dive for sunken treasure.

image0 (3).jpeg
Screenshot (6).png

2021 - wATER GAME Teams

Screenshot (8).png
Water Game 2-22.jpg
Screenshot (5).png
Water Game 2-15.jpg
Water Game 2-16.jpg
Screenshot (9).png
Water Game 2-19.jpg
2020 Fall Intramural

2020 - Fall season Intramural

P1210170 (1).JPG
PANA2743 2 (1).jpeg
PANA1380 2.jpeg
image1 (1).png

In place of the usual training we do for our fall-seasons, our head mentors and student leaders created our Intramural Competition. We split our team into sub-teams of about seven with each guild represented, and each sub-team designed, tested, and created a robot to take part in our four-part game. The game included challenges in speed, traction, maneuverability, and shooting. We found that the intramural competition was really useful in training new students in a very practical, competition-like setting and overall a successful creation. 

PANA1388 2.jpeg
2020 Season

2020 - infinite recharge


In the 2020 FRC game Infinite Recharge, teams were tasked with shooting power cells (balls), turning the color wheel, and hoisting their robots up on a bar that has one anchor point. Unfortunately, the 2020 Season was cut off in the third week of competition due to COVID-19.

Due to the cancelation of the season, we do not have competition pictures with either our team or our robot.

2019 Season

2019 - Launch

Our Robot


VC_Robotics_Students 2019.jpg

In the 2019 competition, teams have to be able to bring hatches to the rocket and cargo ship. Along with delivering hatches, teams may deliver balls or "cargo" to both the rocket and cargo ship.


Del MAr

While attending the Del Mar Regional, we were the second place alliance and won the runner up Safety Award and the Gracious Professionalism Award!


Los Angeles

While attending the LA Regional, we were the second place alliance captain allowing us to go on to Nationals. We also won the Safety Award!

2018 Season

2018 - Power up

In the 2018 competition, First Power Up, teams have to be able to deliver power cubes to their side of both switches and a scale to gain ownership. Additionally, teams can deliver cubes to the vault, where cubes can activate power ups that can help the teams.

Double Dekker

Our Robot


While attending the Orange County Regional, we won the Entrepreneurship Award! To see our complete submission, click the button below.

2018 Entrepreneurship plaque.jpg
2018 Entrepreneurship trophy.jpg
2017 Season

2017- Steamworks

In the 2017 competition, First Steamworks, teams must compete to earn points by getting "fuel" into the boiler, and collecting and delivering gears to allow the airship to fly. Near the end of the match, the robots have to be able to climb onto the airship to be able to gain more points. 

Our robot


last crusader"


While attending the Central Valley Regional, we won the Team Spirit Award!

2017 Team Spirit Trophy.jpg
2017 team spirit plaque.jpg
2016 Season

2016- Stronghold

In the 2016 competition, First Stronghold, the goal of the robots is to score points by breaching defenses, and throwing boulders. Teams have to breach different types of barriers and get into enemy territory. The robot then has to throw boulders into the enemy castle. In the last 30 seconds of the game, teams are able to climb or scale the enemy castles, and gain more points.

Our robot

"sir breach-a-lot"

2015 Season

2015- Recycle Rush

In the 2015 competition, Recycle Rush, teams compete to stack boxes, put trash cans on top of boxes, and put litter inside the trashcans to gain points.  Teams are able to give litter to their robots and robots are able to get boxes and trash cans from the landfill center. 

Our robot

"The claw"

2014 Season

2014- Aerial assist

In the 2014 competition, Aerial Assist, the goal is to get the balls into certain goals marked on the field to gain points. Teams can earn one point by getting balls into the lower goals, but can earn five points by shooting the balls into the goals above the driver stations.

Our robot

2013 Season

2013- Ultimate ascent

In the 2013 competition, ultimate ascent, the team's robot has to be able to get Frisbees, into certain slots to gain points.  Near the end of the match, teams have to climb a bar in order to gain more points. During this time, EPIC Robots was partnered with St. John Bosco and St. Joseph to create Team 4123.

our robot

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