To continue facilitating a space with innovative thinking in a competition setting, our mentors and student leaders created a 2021 Water Game for our team to compete in against each other and another local team. Each team must build a boat and navigate through swimmers, rescue a family from their burning boat, and put out the fire. Additionally, they may retrieve a mermaid to bring to her cave and dive for sunken treasure.

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The 2021 FRC season Game Changers was created to continue providing learning opportunities for students through three challenges that can be done with safe, socially-distanced interactions. The three options include a game design challenge, INFINITE RECHARGE at home which is  a game-playing opportunity, and an innovation challenge which encourages students to explore problems in the world and come up with solutions to them. Our team did not participate in any of the Game Changers challenges because we created our own water game to take part in.

2021 - wATER GAME Teams

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