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2024 Pre-Season Projects

The team worked in groups on many projects this fall as a fun way to learn new skills and develop existing skills, learn how to work with our new team members and help us prepare for the 2024 FIRST robotics competition season beginning in January.

This fall our team participated in Beach Blitz and Tidal Tumble pre-season competitions, participated at WESTEC and AeroDef manufacturing trade shows, and worked on several projects including creating a new team board with monitor display, and lights, Spinning Airplane Propeller, Drive Station, retrofitting the Baby Robots, 3-D Research, mastering the filament machine, creating a frisbee shooter, drive station and more!

Renovate Baby bots robots fall project 2023.JPG
Drive station fall project fall 2023.JPG
Frisbee Shooter Fall Project 2023.JPG
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