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The Build guild utilizes parts created by the machining and CNC guilds, 

assembling them to create a base for the robot. They use a combination of standardized parts such as nuts, bolts, and hex shafts along with custom-made parts. Assembling the base of metal components, the team carefully uses power equipment to attach bolts and nuts to the metal or wooden pieces created by the other guilds.

A subsection of build is the Electronics team. Electronics members are responsible for wiring our robot. In order to wire the robot, they need to be able to solder and mend wires. They connect the wires on the robot and set up the motors, sensors, hydraulics, pulleys, battery connectors, and more.

Mentor(s): Paul DeVries, Randy Ollmann, Francie Clabaugh, Jim Dekker, Bernie Piehl, and Bob Jasper

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