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FIRST Kick Off Agenda Weekend


Jan 6, 2024, Agenda 8am -6pm

TEAM KICK OFF ATTIRE:  Team members, please wear a black team shirt and jeans.


First registration and breakfast 8:00-9:00


Many students still need to register with First as a member of team 4415. If your name is not listed below you are not registered with First. Help will be available Saturday morning, please make sure you are registered. There is also a consent form that First needs from parents, help will be available to complete that as well.


Ian Ang, Aaron Burkett, Jackson Byma, Logan Byma, Kyle DeBruijn, Isaac DeKriek, Ashley Jasper, Keiji Kondo, Samuel Lee, Gabrielle Long, Jaxson Masi, Kelis Pinkney, Betsabet Ramirez, Luke Sanchez, Nathan Schlossmann, Sean Sweeney, Keith Tanner, Emma Ward, Andrew Williams


Game Reveal 9:00-9:30 am


Live Stream game reveal followed by announcements from Mr. Brandon.


Parent Meeting 9:30 am

There will be a short 30 minute parent meeting in the legacy chapel immediately following the game reveal(or about 9:30). We will be providing a season overview and encourage at least one parent to attend.


Saturday and Sunday Schedules

The following schedule is approximate and will be modified as needed to meet team goals for the weekend. Team member attendance on Saturday is mandatory, however the Sunday meeting is voluntary.


Team Schedule, Saturday January 6, 2024

7:45-8:30     Team leaders arrive for setup, AV and breakfast setup

8:00-9:00   Registration help 


8:30-9:00    Breakfast 


9:00-9:30  Watch reveal, team business and information


9:30-11:30  Team: Break up into groups to read rules 


9:30-9:50    Parents:  Please stay in legacy chapel for short meeting 


Group 1 B20

Matthew Vreeke, Christian Payne, William LaMar, Emma Ward, Micah Wojciechowski, Isaac Zhang, Aiden Rowe, Gabrielle Long, Christie Chung, Isaac De Kriek, Keith tanner and Ian Kim

Group 2 B16

Zach Camarena, Grace Ollmann, Andrew Williams, Logan Byma, Kailey Gonzaga, Eric Nagahashi, Jackson Willoughby, Taylor Kim, Nathan Schlossmann, Jack Gisler, Jefferson Hong, Elisha DelValle, Kacey Clabaugh

Group 3 B18

Evan Thorpe, Samuel Lee, Celia Polk, Jaxson Masi, Kelis Pinkney, Jonathan Emanuelli, Ian Ang, Charlie LeMonnier, Logan Olivares, Mikayla Sisk, Isaiah Lvovsky, Kailen Clabaugh


Group 4 B17

Jackson Byma, Jackson Hammond, Travis Whitener, Ashley Jasper, Keiji Kondo, Aaron Burkett, Kyle DeBruijn, Nathalie Bollins, Betsabet Ramirez, Sean Sweeney, Maggie Chinchilla

Comments for Leaders:

  • Have someone in the group take notes

  • Look for and note any answers to questions from watching the videos.

  • Remember to write down any questions you have when reading the rules.


11:30-12:15     Lunch


12:15-2:30.   All groups together to discuss rules, requirements and strategy

2:30-2:50     Ice cream Break

2:50-5:50.   Small Groups come up with requirements for robots

5:50-6:00     Close out meeting

Schedule Sunday January 7, 2024

2:00-5:00     Finalize Requirements


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